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2020 and the BTD Business Network idea

This year has been quite an adventure to say the least!

 We at Big Tex Distributions are days away from “officially” launching the BTD Business Network! We planned to launch directly after the election, in the craziest year, at the end of a “pandemic”, with a business idea no one has ever heard of…

That’s the perfect time to start a business!!

“When there’s a need for help, and you can provide a way, for a fair price; that’s a business plan”. Inventors invent things to fix problems. They need “problems” to make relevant products. Whether it’s providing new engineering techniques to smooth out some design issues on a manufacturing procedure, or baking a tasty “on-the-go” snack to help busy people stay healthy; the idea is still the same. 

How can I help you?

 This is the ultimate starter question for almost all business owners. How the business will help, and continue to help the marketed consumer, is almost always the main goal for the majority of business owners. It’s a struggle keeping up with the latest trends, following all the tech changes, keeping people motivated to fulfil the drive and juggling the heart of the business to pivot the changing market at the same time. 


Networking is the key to business growth.

 Having a well established network of artist, designers, creatives, editors, copyrights and more just for your marketing needs, can be an extremely overwhelming task for business owners. The necessary components of a well structured business in today’s changing markets are often leaving the business owners scratching their heads and wondering how they can become more efficient in today’s market.

 Businesses are going out of business everyday, and the market is changing to new points of interest based on the current situations in the country. The consumer is buying products and services that are based on what they feel necessary in the current times, and “essential products” are at an all time high. But, what does that do for businesses that have products that are “less relevant” to the times. How does a businesses that has never had to think about going “remote” or “online” only, deal with all of the new technology changes. Often these changes can really make the heart of the company struggle. We started the BTD Network because we have a heart for that kind of thing. We love businesses and that strong internal drive to make a difference in the world, that all entrepreneurs have. We love business, and we want to see more people succeeding at it. 

The BTD Business Network

 The idea of Big Tex Distributions, and the BTD “Build The Dream” Network, was to help businesses connect with each other easier, sell products and market easier, and have a trusted network to call home when they need something. Back in 2014, Doug my now business partner/Co-Owner and I would sit in the office and plan out the BTD dream”. Our dream was to start a business for businesses. We want to help anyone from “I have an idea” to “My 150 year old business is struggling”. We want to share our knowledge, our network and our skills with you. We want you to join us and provide your service or products to the world in the easiest and most efficient way possible.. 



We want you to make it!  


We’re here for you!

 In the BTD Business Network we’re here to help you succeed! 

We created the BTD Network to help you with everything else in business, so that you can get back to focusing on what you love. We want to provide you with the ability to reach other businesses, and have them reach out to you for your services or products in an easier more efficient way. We have a community shopping mall that was built specifically to showcase your brand and the heart of your business. We want to showcase you, and allow you to show the world what makes your company so special. 

 The BTD Network was built for you, you are the Network. When we market, we market you. When you market, you market them. When they market, they market you. We are the Network of businesses coming together to make a difference in how people live, make money and enjoy what they do. We want you to join us and offer your service to the BTD Network of Businesses, Entrepreneurs and those with just a dream.

Come See the BTD Network.. and what difference we can make in your business!

BTD “University” Educational Channel

  Here at Big Tex Distributions, we want to see businesses growing and people doing what they love to do.

We love to help others get to the next step in their business journey.

We want to pass any information we can about business, life, health, finances or property management if it can be beneficial to you.

The BTD Business Network was started to bring businesses together that can help each other. We want good people with good services and products to be seen and recognized and flourish in the sea of larger corporations. 

Education and a solid network is key to building strong businesses. Being able to have hundreds or thousands of trusted Network members able to help you with your project. AND… You Can Provide Your Service to Others Too!

We want to help you find more places to sell products or services and boost your income. Whether it’s media exposure from the BTD Marketing Division, ads campaigns, marketing events and sales outlets like our Big Tex Drive online shopping mall or “brick & mortar” shops in the network, we want to help you grow.

This is our dream! This is what we wake up and choose to do with our lives and time. 

We find our meaning in helping others, and we saw a great need in our world. We saw that many people in this country as well as all over the world, were desperately poor and “broken” as I would say. Too many times in my personal life I have also felt this feeling of “broke”. I hated this feeling, yet it kept coming back. I tried to work harder, longer and faster at no avail. Still broke.

So I did the only thing I knew to do… Research. Study. Try again.

I was so done with the word and the idea of “broke”.  I decided that I was not only going to fix the financial issue for me, I was going to fix it for EVERYONE. I don’t want to see anyone broke anymore. 

I want to see everyone doing what they love and making good money doing it!

We are the Network. We can be the difference.


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