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Our Story…

In 1997, when my brothers and I started a business remodeling homes, and doing lawn and landscape work to fill in the gaps, We built our business by word of mouth and good practice. We had no money to start a business, and all we knew was “work harder than the next guy, and do great work”. Sometimes we didn’t even have the tools or a way to get to the job-site. My brother would always have a connection or way to get us to the next job, or I would rig up a tool or know a friend that knew a guy who could help, and this valiant effort of “never give up” has stuck with me ever since. Since then, He and I have spread out and started separate businesses that have been successful on the same practice of “Never give up, Work harder than the other guys do, and do great work”, and these have been the major foundation blocks of everything we do. In the BTD Network, We want to share the network and resources we have gained over the years to help you grow your business with a strong foundation and meaningful business structure that improves and greatly impacts your lives for the better, as well as the current and future world around us.

Our Dream is to bring Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and those with a dream, together into one network.

We want to build a network that helps everyone grow.

A business founded on love and love for businesses.

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